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Caulfield Shule Yom Ha’atzmaut Breakfast. Jewish Cultural Festival Krakow Krakow Standup comedy Jerusalem Off The Wall Comedy Club Joe Cornish Gallery Northallerton ___________ Gigs Gone By: Northside is Better Than Southside Comedy Debate Schizy Week...

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Microwave Feminism

We’ve had first wave We’ve had second wave Now it’s time for Microwave Feminism #Microwavefeminism  it’s polemic #Microwavefeminism it’s erudite #Microwavefeminism when you press defrost you are fully emancipated  #Microwavefeminism it’s coming to a sponge...

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Jowly Men in Suits

 As we grapple with yet another leadership stoush here in Australia the idea is that if Prime Minister Abbott is out, then another – better option  – will come in.  Of course that is...

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 Part II of Price Check, two more instalments to go.The radiant heat from the traffic and the concrete throbs with intensity. It’s 10am and  already 30 degrees +.If she closes her eyes slightly, she...

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When my kids were infants, I took the word baby, off the baby on board sticker and I replaced it with the word Phenurgan.Hoping that someone just might get a little drowsy. Phenurgan on...



Funny Bits was filmed November 2014 Monogamy is a little bit of it.

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The Glass Ceiling

I work in the not for profit sector – where there is no glass ceiling. Instead we have a biscuit coated roof. As a result the floors and carpets of not for profit organisations are often...