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    The Glass Ceiling

    I work in the not for profit sector – where there is no glass ceiling. Instead we have a biscuit coated roof. As a result the floors and carpets of not for profit organisations are often covered in crumbs. Evidence

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    Heart Tick Approved

    Mummy why do the family on the back of the box of cheerios look so happy?Jess asked one morning, as the sun rose slowly in the east, casting a glimmering glow all over  Middle Prestonia.Well Jess, I said, as I gleefully wiped…

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    The Lost Children

    It was lost on my children Ruby and Jessica when I said to them: Mummy is going to the Aldi supermarket to do a whole weeks shopping. They didn’t say:  But mummy, mummy, what if you bring home a wet…

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    She looked at me.

    We were at the dinner table the other night and James was doing that thing he always does: putting an enormous amount of food onto his fork.He then put the enormous fork full of food into his mouth and he began to chew,…

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    Funny Bits

    No time to blog, just putting together the script for the Funny Bits show at Howler Bar in Brunswick. Wednesday 5 November 8pm buy a ticket here $20/15 (+BF) or at the door.

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    Price Check

    With gritty eyes and a lugubrious expression, she pulls on her jeans, three red leather bangles and a shirt that can be unbuttoned modestly.  There’s a slightly sour smell in the air. The washing spills out of the laundry basket.…

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    The Seven Wonders of Preston

    I was driving up Gower St the other day. I alternate between Gower and Murray, just to vary the trip to Jess’s school and back.  At a red light, in a car facing ours, I see a mum with her…

  • Excuse me there are crumbs in my comedy


    The hit you get in the beginning gives you this high. It’s the kind of high where you can smell the flowers without having to put them under your nostrils, a fluid in-touch-with-yourself floaty high, cooler than a cucumber and…