Connecting Communities

Connecting Communities

courtesy of Jewish Care
image courtesy of Jewish Care

Justine is a community worker, comedian, writer and creative director of Melbourne Jewish Comedy Festival.
Justine has 20+ years experience as a community development worker, across local government and the not for profit sector .
Justine currently manages a small not for profit organisation in the Northern suburb of Melbourne.
Justine applies community cultural development skills to teach comedy, create opportunities to connect through comedy and believes that the alchemy that happens on stage when performing is about the connection with the audience.


Justine is the founder and creative director of Melbourne Jewish Comedy Festival – a celebration of comedy through culture.
Established in 2015 MJCF is  a not for profit association  founded on principles of equity and access.
There are no registration fees to take part in the festival and all performers are paid the same fee.
All shows where possible have an equal representation of men and women.

Finding the Funny Comedy Workshops
Roarhouse Melbourne is an award winning community based arts initiative which is committed to creating arts opportunities for people who experience barriers to arts and cultural participation, including people who live with mental illness
Workshops empower participants to tell their stories through comedy.
Workshops teach techniques and performance skills and get people ‘match fit’ in 6 weeks to perform 5 minutes of stand up comedy.
Watch the video about the workshops HERE

Parenting and Other Interrupted Conversations adapted from Pain Sans Frontier – bread without borders MICF 2010  – described as an innovative health promotion tool.
Download the Information sheet Justine Sless_Parenting and Other Interrupted Conversations.


Justine begins the conversation “in 2 words describe the birth…”Take part, join in, interrupt

From staté poohs, to let downs, to fundraising fatigue in the kinder years, to parenting the child who never stops asking why. Developed as a performance/workshop Justine takes a wry look at Piaget’s theory on cognitive development and answers the burning questions on many parents minds: Why don’t kids eat their crusts.
Perfect for playgroups and maternal child health programs.
Justine has added to the conversation with early years health practitioners, playgroups and kindergartens, local government staff planning days, conferences, gala dinners , AGM’s, children’s week events.

Watch an excerpt from Pains Sans Frontiér bread without borders.

For bookings email:
Mobile: 0405 329 633


Totally Thomastown 2013 -2014

A series of mini festivals developed as a community engagement tool, capturing the imagination of  4,000 people, engaging over 40 volunteers, creating partnerships across state and local government and community organisations.

Watch Totally Thomastown Expect The Unexpected from the Totally Thomastown Mini Series.


Made n Thornbury Market  2006 -2016
A craft market to support women in micro business. Made n Thornbury Market Blog


The Parlour’s Pantry 2011 -2012
A curated evening with a variety of acts to, mortify, entertain and delight.

MARCH 24 Parlour



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