Excuse me there are crumbs in my comedy

Pains Sans Frontières – thank you and goodnight.

Many thanks to the musicians who played along side me during comedy festival, early years health promotion shows,kindergarten AGMS and interstate at Adelaide Fringe.
When there are babies in an audience, there is a distracted air, mothers are torn between focusing on the show and their baby.
During one show a 2 year old ran around and around the audience, crashing indiscriminately into chairs, audience members and the set. 
Each time the music played though, he would stop, be completely still and listen. His mother visibly relaxed and momentarily enjoyed the show.
I would begin talking again and the 2 year old would resume his running.
We had music about Vegemite and Harry Potter from the amazing Moira Tyers, faux lullabies, innuendos and harp playing from Linda Beatty, ukulele tunes from Katie Hull- Brown and beautiful bluesy tones from Kelly Menhennett 
Pains Sans Frontièresa show for mothers and babies, early years health practitioners, the sleep deprived and the fundraising fatigued.
Bookings: justinesless@yahoo.com

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