Sless brings a touch of whimsy and pithy humour to her show, which veers from mime to clever commentary. She has a knack of creating laughs just by her facial expressions, and it is her physical humour that will have you giggling away.” Herald Sun***

“Some kind of brilliant, funny, sad, brave. Part Catherine Tate part Frank Woodley”  Clare Wright – Stella Prize Winner.

“It’s tension, it’s vulnerability, it’s joy” George McEncroe Comedian, Broadcaster.

Tomatoes and Other Stakeholders MICF 2013 

Sless soothes us with her Northern-English lilt and sticks us with her dagger wit.  This is Radio National based comedy, and the barb is directed at no one more acutely than Sless herself. It’s dry yet engaging, and the jokes themselves are very, very good.” Heckler

Bechamel a great source of inspiration  MICF 2011 

Biting sarcasm, razor sharp wit” Herald Sun ***

Bench Press a kitschen sink drama MICF 2009 

This is feminist satire at its best, subtle, restrained and slightly insane.”RHUM

Sless’ attention to detail is remarkable and the poetry with which she illustrates her pinafored existence is quite enchanting.
Sless dry delivery unarms you, yet her warmth slowly radiates out and consumes the audience”
Arts Hub

“A triumph” ANHLC 2014 Statewide Conference

“Very funny – a highlight Rod Quantok Collingwood Children’s Farm 175th Anniversary Celebration

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