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North by North East –the 20/20 summit we had to have Melbourne Fringe 2007

Born in the North East of England, Justine lived with her mother, obsessive compulsive, anti-semitic step father, & Biggles the cat. Tired of living a post industrial nightmare, Justine left Sunderland and lurched into a frenzied life of travelling and fruit picking in Europe. Ditching her alcoholic boyfriend she came to the land down under. Now after twenty years in each hemisphere, Justine invites you to the 20/20 summit we had to have.
(Warning – some material may offend my family)

‘Sless had a book of bad poems she’d written as a teenager. She gave them to an audience member and asked her to read one out loud at random. It was nicely emo and angsty …the whole idea of letting your teenaged self be humiliated by someone else was a great touch.’ John Baily Born Dancing