Northside is Better than Southside Comedy Debate.

Jewish and Islamic Council of Victoria

Opening night of Bad Moms the movie at The Classic, Elsternwick, Melbourne.

August 2016

Committed to a pith-less world where safety is a major factor.
Suburban footy parents this is for all of you,everywhere .
You can thank me later.

Audio Tour of a small not for profit community organisation
November 2014 Howler Bar

Monogamy from Funny Bits filmed November 2014 at Howler Bar

Tomatoes and Other Stakeholders MICF 2014

Justine Sless Presents Béchamel A Great Source of Inspiration MICF 2011

Febfast just got funnier – fundraising fatigue 2011

Febfast just got funnier –Australian Breast Feeding Association 2011

Febfast just got funnier –birthday parties 2011

Hitchhiker SPARC Theatre 2011

Pain Sans Frontiér – bread without borders MICF 2010

Bench Press a Kitschen Sink Drama MICF 2009

Microwave Feminism with Roarhouse Espy St Kilda

It’s not about the prawns MICF 2007

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